Roofing Terms


These seal the roof penetrations created by the plumbing stacks that terminate above the roof. The typical types are lead and plastic. While plastic is cheaper and easier to use, it will usually split or collapse after 10 or more years in the sun in this area. We do many repairs replacing these for homeowners.

Eave Drip

This is the flashing at the edge of the roof that provides extra protection for the roof decking and fascia. The shingles must be sealed to this flashing around the entire perimeter of the roof. This flashing comes with a factory mill finish, or a baked on enamel finish (white, black, grey, dark brown, or beige) to protect it from stains and rust. We typically try to match a color with the trim on a house.

Exhaust Vents

These cover the hole in the roof created to provide exhaust outlets for bathrooms, dryers, stoves, etc. Dryer vents should be cleaned out periodically.

Secondary Water Barrier

A self-adhering membrane composed of rubberized asphalt and an inorganic glass mat that has either a smooth surface or an imbedded granular surface (e.g. GAF Stormguard or Johns Manville Ice and Water Guard)

Shingle Over Ridge Vent

This is the vent installed at the peak, or ridge of the roof that allows the hot air in the attic to escape through an opening approximately 5" wide that runs the length of the vent. The ridge-cap shingles are nailed on top of this vent.


A layer of roofing material that is installed on the roof deck beneath shingles or other roof-finishing layer; a water barrier (e.g. 15 & 30 lb. felt)

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